Karpal tells PAS to drop Islamic state policy

Source: Malaysiakini, 22 April 08
In another fissure to the tenuous Pakatan Rakyat coalition, DAP leader Karpal Singh has called on PAS to ditch its Islamic state policy from the party’s platform.

“It is incongruous for PAS to insist on having on its agenda (the) Islamic state and at the same time work with the other two parties in the Pakatan Rakyat,” said Karpal, who is DAP national chairman and Bukit Gelugor member of parliament.

“PKR, DAP and PAS cannot run with the hares and hunt with hounds.”

Karpal was responding to PAS MP for Kuala Selangor, Dr Dzulkifly Ahmad (left) who told the Star that while his party is focusing on Pakatan’s agenda of establishing a welfare state, reinstating democracy and good governance, it is not discarding its agenda to set up an Islamic state.

Dzulkifly said that PAS would not harp on the issue of Islamic state because it was not part of Pakatan agenda, but the Islamic party will not withdraw its key policy platform.

However, Karpal said the PAS leader’s statement “does not advance the cause of the Pakatan Rakyat”.

“PAS should give an assurance that its leaders, including Kelantan Mentri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat and PAS president (Abdul) Hadi Awang will not publicly clamour in turning Malaysia into an Islamic state.”

He added that it was best that PAS leaders “cease from publicly insisting that Malaysia should be turned into an Islamic state”.

“Statements in the nature of those made by PAS leaders do not advance the interests of the Pakatan Rakyat.”

Karpal also advise PAS to seek the opinion of former top judge Salleh Abas, who was once a PAS assemblyperson and executive councillor in Terengganu on the issue of Islamic state.

“Salleh Abas in 1998 delivered the judgment of a strong five-man bench of the Supreme Court declaring that Malaysia was not an Islamic state, but a secular state having secular laws.”

DAP and PAS are part of the Pakatan state governments in both Perak and Selangor. 


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